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We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives. It might have been a headache, or pain in our back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and so on. A lot of times, the pain will go away by itself but sometimes it is there to stay and it can make our lives miserable. The most common types of pain that we tend to see in an acupuncture clinic are low back pain, neck/upper back pain, and shoulder pain.



Acupuncture is highly effective in treating pain. It will increase the blood flow in the affected area, decrease inflammation and release natural pain killers like endorphins.  The treatment is usually distal, the needles are not inserted at the site of the pain but in other parts of the body, generally in the arms or legs.


What acupuncture treatments will do for you is firstly decrease/eliminate the pain and then re-establish the normal communication between the peripheral and central nervous system, so that ultimately the pain doesn't come back.


You will experience instant pain decrease, however, depending on your particular situation the pain will come back sooner or later as the body will revert to what it knows. The key is to repeat the treatments before the pain goes back to the initial level. This is why the treatments will be more frequent in the beginning, with 4 treatments over the first 2 weeks followed by weekly treatment and later bi-weekly. It is hard to tell in the beginning how many treatments you will need, but it normally becomes clearer after the first 4 treatments. As a rule, the longer you have the condition the more treatments you will need.


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